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Yes, glasses. As in eyeglasses. Online.

I ran across a blog post at least a year ago on what eventually became The guy was ranting about how much it cost to get glasses at a traditional store (we’re talking a couple hundred bucks even if you have a simple prescription) and he’d had it. So began the great experiment. Early days of the blog detail learning how to measure for pupillary distance and the rules about prescriptions. He started ordering glasses from various places to test them out and has been going strong ever since.

The blog includes links to reviews, comments, etc. All in all, a great resource if you’re tired of paying the prices at the brick-and-mortar stores. My husband has gotten a couple of pair with great success. I got one last year and with my prescription confirmed for this year just ordered two more pair – one for dressy evening wear and a blue pair (in the picture) for every day. So now I have green, pink and blue. We tend to order from Zenni and have had no trouble to date, but there are a lot of complaints about the service. Mostly because people expect to get Nordstrom service for Wal-mart prices. Silly. Plus, they don’t follow the directions that clearly state – do not call! Here’s how to reach us instead. I find Zenni has more interesting styles and lower prices, which is what keeps me going back there.

Oh, my bargain? I paid $87 for my two pairs of glasses. This despite the fact that I have to pay extra for a higher strength prescription and for a higher index to keep the lenses from getting too thick. Sweet!!

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  1. Huh, that’s interesting. Expensive glasses is an issue weighing on my mind lately, since it’s about time for me to get new lenses. Might look into this…

  2. I have contacts now and want a backup pari of glasses. The lenses that I like are very expensive in the stores. Your post is very helpful. I will definitely be checking out the site you mentioned.

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