Why my clients love me

And keep working with me over and over and over ... .

strategic thinking

Develop plans that gets you where you want to go with your business

Creative directions

A new way of looking at challenges and the possible solutions

Winsome words

Copy that achieves the goal with clarity and purpose

dependable delivery

Overly committed to meeting deadlines. I have it when I say I will.

About Susan

My superpower is getting things done, and my real day job is making you look good in yours. I am a marketing consultant and design freelancer, generally serving as support to a company marketing or sales function. I have more than 25 years experience working in various communications roles, including newspaper reporter, public relations flunkie, magazine writer, website coder, graphic designer and idea hamster. I'm based in Dallas most of the year, Colorado during the summer and work with clients from all over the country.

My Services

A few of the specific things I do for my clients. Got a project that is an off-shoot of any of these? I might be the right person to work with you on it.


Identify your audience and understand what moves them so we can develop messages and delivery methods that point them your direction.


From flyers and postcards to websites and logos, I help you develop the right look and feel to deliver your message.


Stuck on an issue? A conversation (filled with questions!) with me can help you consider new angles and approaches.


Writing or design, I help you create a document that goes above and beyond to win business.


Want to work with me?

let's talk about how I can make you look good!

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