Glasses have arrived and looking good!

Well, my new glasses have arrived from Zenni, and I’m quite pleased. The blue ones are a bit brighter in person than in the picture on Zenni’s website, but I still like them. Kind of hard to really tell in my picture, but the eye pieces and right at the…

Learning to let go

I have a problem. I tend to fall in love with ideas. Ideas that aren’t bad necessarily, but ones that may or may not pan out based on my goals. But I hate to let go of them. I don’t want to let go. They’re my ideas. I love them….

Buying glasses online

Yes, glasses. As in eyeglasses. Online. I ran across a blog post at least a year ago on what eventually became The guy was ranting about how much it cost to get glasses at a traditional store (we’re talking a couple hundred bucks even if you have a simple…

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