Learning to let go

Buy at Art.comI have a problem.

I tend to fall in love with ideas. Ideas that aren’t bad necessarily, but ones that may or may not pan out based on my goals. But I hate to let go of them. I don’t want to let go. They’re my ideas. I love them.

But I’ve signed up for the 30-Day Challenge. We’re just in the pre-season right now, but I’ve already learned a lot about how to test an idea to make sure it’ll fly. Not test the quality of the idea, but test its potential online market. This means making sure people are looking for it, there aren’t already too many pages out there on the topic, and that there’s room for growth.

What I’m finding is the reason why so many of my beautiful, well-done lenses aren’t necessarily catching on. There was never a market for them in the first place. Nobody cares about that particular topic and/or there’s already a market saturation.

But it’s a great idea or I’ve already put a lot of time into the lens or … .

Enough excuses. I have to learn to let go, to focus my energies on the places that will yield the most for the effort. There will still be room for things I do just because I want to (surprisingly they are sometimes the most successful), but when it comes to the online activity I want to make me money, I must be more cold-hearted about my ideas. That means cutting loose or neglecting some lenses that are never going fly and giving the worms (time and energy) to the other birds in the nest. I can’t feed them all.

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