I’m hiring a boss

So my six months with Seth Godin is wrapping up soon. Which means I’m looking for my next adventure. And rather than taking the passive, lame-ass way of finding a job, I’m hiring a boss. Pass it on. Post from The Life of Lewister

Little Miss Match store opens at Grand Central

Going to be sad to not see this every week after I go home. It’s just a happy place!! My favorite thing at the Little Miss Match store is the round that lets you select individual socks to create your own sets. Wish we could do that online too. (Hint,…

Can you see me on a motorcycle?

Yikes. I’m willing to take risks, dream big, all that jazz. But when it comes to risks of my person, my body, I tend to get a little freaked out. I’m afraid of heights (because they are really bad for your health). I hate roller coasters. I get car sick….

Spring in NY

Good things about spring in NY: It’s actually spring. We seem to skip that season in Dallas. Tulips everywhere!! My favs. You can open windows. Wow. No more layers, layers, layers. Cuddle Duds are now packed away. No humidity. Nice!! No mosquitos! Nice!! (Was concerned because of the river so…

Flight 93 memorial a travesty

So, in an inevitable move, there are plans for a memorial at the site of the Flight 93 crash. And a rush to get it done before the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 plane crash. Can anyone tell me how the memory of these people is served by taking the…

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