Spring in NY

Buy at Art.comGood things about spring in NY:

  • It’s actually spring. We seem to skip that season in Dallas.
  • Tulips everywhere!! My favs.
  • You can open windows. Wow.
  • No more layers, layers, layers. Cuddle Duds are now packed away.
  • No humidity. Nice!!
  • No mosquitos! Nice!! (Was concerned because of the river so close.)
  • All of which adds up to the fact that I actually go outside. Amazing.

Buy at Art.comBad things about spring in NY:

  • Too much fresh air – bad. Darned allergies. There’s something up here that doesn’t like me that we don’t have back in Dallas.
  • Still have to have layers, layers. You never know what’ll be like outside.
  • No bluebonnets. Missed them this year. Sigh.
  • Serious raining. I actually bought rain boots. (First time I’ve really experienced the “April showers” from the poem.)

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