Can you see me on a motorcycle?

Buy at Art.comYikes. I’m willing to take risks, dream big, all that jazz. But when it comes to risks of my person, my body, I tend to get a little freaked out.

I’m afraid of heights (because they are really bad for your health). I hate roller coasters. I get car sick. I panic when I start to pick up speed on skis (maybe I should just snowshoe). Loss of control – not so much my friend.

So (just where am I going with this?), here’s my great irony. I love to go fast – as long as I’m on the ground and semi-controlling things. I adore water slides. ATVs are a blast. I drive like a granny to save gas, but speed is good. (OK, I’m still a cautious driver, no matter what. Maybe not so ironic.)

A few months back, I started thinking motorcycles. We have an antique Norton that came to us in pieces (it belonged to hubby’s grandfather) and it’s being restored to probably better than original. Which led us to realize that we could actually ride it! Hooray!

Which has us making plans to take motorcycle lessons and shopping for helmets, motorcycle jackets and other gear. I’m excited about the class and desperately hoping I like actually driving a bike. Because then, I get to get my own!! Because it’s the most important thing, of course, I’ve been trying to decide on a color. We have a yellow car, a green car and now a red motorcycle. So I’m thinking electric blue. Going to be a blast!!

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