Shopping for granite

So we’re finally getting close to that stage in the remodel where I have to start picking things again. Just waiting on the contractor on a few things before we can finalize the cabinets, then it’s off to the races with demolition. (Not looking forward to dust everywhere again!)

So I took some time this weekend to start looking at granites. I think we’ve fallen into having granite almost by default. I certainly keep thinking there have to be better options, but everything else just has issues. Either I have to do too much maintenance, it won’t work for the way we live in our kitchen or I just think it’s ugly. It’s a lot for a countertop material to overcome. So granite has ended up being our default choice. Although, I’ve been just as concerned about finding something I’d actually love in granite as well.

I have to say, going to the stone yard to start looking was more fun than I expected in some ways (it was all inside and had AC!) and less in others (one yard was a big jumbled mess and seemed to just have tons of Baltic Brown). And, I actually found several that I was really drawn to. I’m thinking something dramatic for the island, then backing off for the side countertops.

The weird thing is that all the dramatic granites I loved were green. I’m not a green person. Look at the fabric in my craft closet – I’m a blue person. But blue granites are hard to come by (and expensive), so that wasn’t really even an option. And given that most granites fall into the neutral color category anyway, I guess green is about the only “dramatic” color choice out there. Maybe not so odd after all.

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