Pursuit of Happiness

The passionate pursuit of creative beauty, great stories and bugs in my teeth.

Bookpile: April 2012

Shatter: The Children of Man: Book One – Dang. Can I like a book and yet be completely annoyed with it at the same time? She created this cool world, developed really engaging characters, but then proceeded to leave me…
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Bookpile: March 2012

Snuff: A Novel of Discworld (Discworld Novels) – God bless Terry Pratchett. I can always count on him to entertain me wildly. And the Inspector Vimes are always my favorites, although Ventari is starting to rub off on him just…
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New motorcycle = more fun (I hope!)

Time for thinking about taking another long motorcycle trip. Only this time, way long. As in close to 5,000 miles long. (OK, that was the original plan, but we might be cutting that back. Someone has to work and make…
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Bookpile: February 2012

Behind, behind, behind. Started a whole heap of new projects at the same time and trying to diversify my online holdings and … . Well, you get the picture. Fireflies in December – Meh. Wasn’t bad, just wasn’t all that…
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