Wrapping up the first quarter – what have we learned?

Had a lot of goals for the year, so how’s it going so far? Well, just based on my reading, knitting was my big topic for the first quarter this year. And I did a lot of reading!

But also a lot of doing. Not that I have the pictures to prove it. I could have sworn I took pictures of the scarves I made but danged if I can find them! Anyway, after the disaster that was my practice square, I made a really short scarf out of what was left. Ugliest scarf ever, although I did get better as I went along. Made three more scarves after that, all of which turned out really well, although not perfect. But again, I was getting better and more skilled at basic stitches and at ribbing.

Time to move on to learn something new so I could then move on to sweaters, which means a hat. And I did really well! It even fit me and everything. How about that! So now I’ve graduated to sweaters and of course, I have two going. (Not very efficient, I’ve discovered.) Focusing on finishing the cream one, then I’ll go back to working on the teal. The cream is an easy stitch that I thought would go quickly (the book says you could do it in a day) but I’m a slow stitcher it seems and it’s taking forever. Still, learning a new skill in using circular needles as well as the complex parts of a sweater, so it’s good. And knitting is something I can do in front of the TV with Kevin, so bonus over quilting there.

One of the other things I had wanted to learn this year was to do a figure 8 on my bike. Impossible (for me) on the M50, apparently. Kevin was able to do it. Me, not so much.

But new bike! And so now I’m hoping to be able to get that learned. Once I put some crash bars on it. Don’t want to tip over on this thing and hurt something. Actually, this guy is better balanced for me, but longer

and with a more angled front fork. In my head, that makes it seem less possible, so I have to figure a way to get out of my head.

Still on the list is to get my CHL, but we haven’t been shooting in a while thanks to a lot of family stuff and traveling. Need to get in a practice session to remind me what I’m doing before I go to class.

Overall, I’m realizing that I might need to get back to scheduling myself again to get me moving/working/doing with purpose. A lot of things I’d like to do are getting shoved aside, but not because there isn’t enough time to do ┬áthem. I’m failing on the making efficient use of my time part at the moment. It’s so easy to

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