Understanding and defining success

I read recently a neat definition of success. (I believe this was in 48 Days, but recently wasn’t last week, so forgive me if I’m crediting it incorrectly.)

Success is a progressive realization of worthwhile goals.

  • Progressive – As in you don’t get there all at once. It takes time, it takes small steps, it takes patience. But if with each step you are making progress toward the goal, you are achieving success.
  • Realization – As in not just in your head. Or your heart. Or your gut. It’s a real step forward, not a fudged or imagined one.
  • Worthwhile – As in it adds value to your life. Improves it in some small measure. Improves you in some small measure. Improves everything in some small measure.
  • Goals – As in concrete and measurable. Not something you feel, but something with a tangible result.

Photo Credit: mugley on flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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