Understanding and defining success

I read recently a neat definition of success. (I believe this was in 48 Days, but recently wasn’t last week, so forgive me if I’m crediting it incorrectly.) Success is a progressive realization of worthwhile goals. Progressive – As in you don’t get there all at once. It takes time,…

Set yourself up for small successes

I sew. You might have figured that out by now. And usually I sew quilts. It’s very straightforward, somewhat geometric, somewhat simple sewing. I used to make clothes. Or try to anyway. Not that my sewing wasn’t up to snuff, but my patience for the amount of alteration needed to…

Eating an elephant

I’m working on a plan for world domination right now. Someday, you will all work for me. (Muwhaha!!) But I have discovered over the years that while I have great ability to visualize where something can go, what it can be, that same visualization serves to undermine the whole project….

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