Set yourself up for small successes

I sew. You might have figured that out by now. And usually I sew quilts. It’s very straightforward, somewhat geometric, somewhat simple sewing.

I used to make clothes. Or try to anyway. Not that my sewing wasn’t up to snuff, but my patience for the amount of alteration needed to make a pattern actually fit my body … definitely on the low side.

But I’ve been in the midst of an apparel sewing frenzy. All because I needed a vest for my costume for our upcoming concert (tickets still available) and couldn’t find what I wanted. So I figured, it’s a costume, one-time thing, doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ll just make one.

And I made few adjustments, combined two patterns and came out with something lovely that I’m really proud of. Which gave me confidence to start whipping up some new summer skirts. Which now has me wanting to tackle those pants I had planned to do about five years ago. Which has me thinking about actually cutting into that incredibly expensive bolt of fabric I bought even more years ago than that.

One small success has led to a huge snowball of new ideas, plans, ambitions, projects in an area I had been ignoring for quite some time.

So I ask you: How can you set yourself up for a small success in an area you wish you were doing more in? Does one small success help you get motivated to accomplish more?

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