Politics and Other Philosophy

Sharing my rantings and wonderings.

Setting the bar too low is no way to reach higher

Heard a radio story about Hispanics and college last year that chapped my hide. Seems there’s some concern because there more starting school than ever before, but few are finishing. The story made reference to the need to get more…
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Give me some action!!

Lots of reading, lots of talking, lots of informing going on. We learn about the bullying of government, the evils of companies, the idiocy of elected officials. But not about the most important part. Tell me what to _do_ about…
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Pledge of No

Love this idea. Wish I was seeing more about it than just this post. And I can’t tell if it’s really a Tea Party concept or if this guy came up with it on his own since this is the…
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Charter government offices

My latest brilliant idea after standing in line for 2.5 hours at the DPS office to spend three minutes taking the motorcycle rider license test – charter government offices. I’m a genius. After all, we see over and over how…
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