Give me some action!!

Lots of reading, lots of talking, lots of informing going on.

We learn about the bullying of government, the evils of companies, the idiocy of elected officials.

But not about the most important part. Tell me what to _do_ about what we’re talking about. As I watch and read and ponder, I rarely ever see it said just what would be an effective effort to stop the bullies and block the idiocy. I appreciate the effort to educate and inform because so many people don’t get the fact that yes, it is bullying for the government to try to run our lives. And that many people haven’t spent much time considering just what it means to let someone else run their lives. And that running your own life means letting other people run theirs.

But I find all the education frustrating at this point. Oh yes, I write my senators and congressman. Fat lot of good it does. All I get is condescending and irrelevant responses that pretend to listen but really just want to tell me what I should care about. So what’s left? Vote different people in? Great, I’ve been voting for “different” as much as possible for the past 12 years, but me thinks that my hubby and I are the only ones because that ain’t a change that’s happening. Run for office? Not. Going. To. Happen. I’m angry, not stupid.

So what to do? Faced with a country moving away from liberty and toward socialism and a nanny state – what can we actually do? Thoughts?

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