Audience of … me

Looking at my feed stats, it would seem that I am writing just for myself here these days. Which is an OK thing. It’s actually liberating to think that there’s no one is reading this. It means I don’t have to care about offending anyone or boring anyone or disappointing anyone. Or anything to anyone. And so, I am going to try to live up to the liberty part of my blog and actually act with a little more liberty. Screw trying to act like I have a focus. I am broad of interest (and butt sometimes) and open of mind and completely, utterly and totally random. So … that’s what we’re going back to being on here. Which will free me up to actually write something rather than stressing about living up to some standard I feel I’m supposed to meet about how to do a blog correctly. Bah. Back to writing for me and just for the danged love of it.

2 thoughts on “Audience of … me”

    1. Thanks, Noah. Being honest with yourself is often the hardest thing, isn’t it? Poo.

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