Dealing with distraction

I’m the queen of distraction lately. Got promoted from princess, actually.

I’ve always been one to chase the shiny and new. I love ideas, I love brainstorming, I love pondering possibility. So how I became known for getting things done … . Let’s just say I leave a lot more undone than I do done. But I do actually execute with far more regularity than most people it seems and that’s all it takes. And I’m distracted again.

But lately … the resistance has been strong, pulling my focus to books and video games and movies and blog reading and just about anything else it can. Case in point, I do warm-up writing every day over at 750 Words and it’s rare that I actually sit and do the entire thing in one go. I’m flipping between windows in the browser, glancing over at twitter, whatever. A thought creeps in, I type it down, then I’m off dealing with that. Ugh.

So, Penelope was definitely speaking to me recently. And I’m trying out her mantra for a while:

One thing at a time. Most important thing first. Start now.

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