Flabby, flabby, flabby

The distraction thing is just a symptom of general flabbiness lately. Flabbiness of mind, I suppose. But, flabby can apply to the other parts of our persons as well, and I’m feeling mighty flabby of late. Confession and accountability time.

Physical flabby means I haven’t been sticking to the way I’m supposed to eat, drinking enough water, taking my vitamins, lifting my weights.

Social flabby means I am not spending enough time with real people, not talking to family and friends enough, hiding in the corner at events I attend.

Spiritual flabby means I haven’t been to church in forever (although I’m reassessing just what church means to me), talking to God less than I do to myself.

Mental flabby means being unfocused, not challenging myself to think all the way through the hard things, dreaming more than doing.

Emotional flabby means a heart becoming three sizes too small, increasing selfishness and narcissism, low levels of compassion.

I’ve never been perfect in any area, but I’m concerned by my current state of health. And realizing that a lot of it is attributable to the social area. Proverbs talks about how friends help keep us sharp and I’m realizing just how crucial that human connection is. And while I might be a social media fan, that’s not the same as sitting across the table from someone and sharing their joys and pains.

So yes, I have a plan in place to help with all of this, including joining a few groups that will likely force me out of my comfort zone. How about you? How are you tackling the areas of life that are getting a little flabby of late?

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