Pledge of No

Love this idea. Wish I was seeing more about it than just this post. And I can’t tell if it’s really a Tea Party concept or if this guy came up with it on his own since this is the earliest reference to it I can find. But I like it.

Imagine the impact on political discourse if the Tea Party threw its weight behind any candidate from any party that takes the Pledge of No.

“If elected I promise to vote “No” on any bill that proposes to expand government power for any purpose. I promise to vote “No” on any bill whose net effect does not reduce government spending. I promise to vote “No” on any bill whose net effect does not reduce federal taxes.”

Just not sure the Tea Party (or any angry mob group) would be able to resist its own grab for power by becoming a “real” party. That danged corrupting power. But any party or group that could be single minded in focus enough to actually support the Pledge of No would get my support. Can tell you right now from dealing with my Congressman and Senators that none of them are going to be taking this pledge anytime soon. Sigh. It ought to be part of the congressional oath, actually.

Think anyone could run on that kind of platform and win? Would you vote for them? Would you believe them? Could they actually follow through on it once they got to DC? Hmmm.

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