Liberals and conservatives actually want the same thing

Epiphany I had while watching last week’s Stossel and listening to Anne Coulter make absolutely no sense whatsoever – liberals and conservatives want the exact same thing. To run our lives.

Liberals want to tell us how to think and talk (political correctness and hate speech laws) and take care of ourselves (trans-fat and smoking bans) as they define it.

Conservatives want to tell us how to live right and upstanding lives (drug bans, blue laws, gay marriage) as they define it.

One wants to treat us as children who constantly need protecting, the other as heathens who must be brought into the faith at any cost (shades of the “choose Christ or die” angle of the Crusades).

They only look opposite because they tend to choose different areas in which to attack, giving each the opportunity to rail against the other for curtailing freedom. But it all has the effect of taking away my right to run my life and use my body as I see fit.

No matter which political animal does it, no matter what color you paint it, no matter what label you put on it – it’s killing freedom, plain and simple.

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