Bookpile: December 2010

Seriously. How did I forget to do this one? Too busy with my head down, working my ass off. (Literally. I’ve lost 14 pounds since Thanksgiving. Thank you, thank you very much.) Launched a new website, worked on my quilt challenge, fleshed out a new Squidoo account, wrote some articles. Which means … I probably have forgotten a few. Nice that you can see what you’ve read recently on the Kindle, though, so I at least can get those.

Eleventh Grade Burns – Next book in the Vladimir Tod series and the first one to end with a big cliff hanger. We always knew the story wasn’t really over yet, but she never left us without explaining everything in that particular book. Here – huge leaving-us-hanging ending. Have the last book (I assume 12th grade will be the last) on hold at the library and just waiting, waiting, waiting to finish it.

Whirlwind – Penultimate book in this series as well. Typical cliffhanger ending, although we’re starting to get some answers now. Or were at the end. Gotta wait for book six, which I’m reading now. (As a side note, my hubby started the first book on my recommendation when they were giving the Kindle version away free. Didn’t like it. Couldn’t finish it. Mileage varies.)

Talk of the Town – From my mom’s collection and not a bad read. Follows a predictable pattern, a couple actually. Varied it up by telling the story from two different standpoints, one that gave us the insider’s view, one that gave us the outsider’s view. Liked being in more than one person’s head; it’s not always an easy trick to pull off. But moderately light romantic reading. (I think it’s Christian. In-passing references made me think that, but it’s probably not noticeable to anyone else.)

Ricochet – Sandra Brown thriller from my mom’s collection. And, I’m beginning to detect a pattern here with her. (I have several more of these to go through; I hope it’s not her standard story line because it will get old.) Stand-up guy falls for girl in trouble. Girl obviously not telling him the whole story. Has to decide whether to believe what she does tell him, trust her and protect/rescue her anyway. Does and is justified in the end. Not to say that the characters aren’t good and the story exciting, but the framework is exactly the same as the last one I read. Hmmm.

As Sure As The Sun – No idea what this title had to do with the book. At all. From my mom’s collection again. Story of a family that’s kept a secret for 30 years and the consequences when it comes out. I found the flashback sections confusing as hell to start with until I realized what they were. Liked most of the characters, but she was delving into everyone’s stories and it got distracting. I think she could have broken it up into four books – telling the story of each of the group of friends. They were all around the same theme – the nature of relationships – but didn’t need to be lumped into one book. Although, there really wasn’t enough drama in the main story without them. Hmm. Generally entertaining.

The Guest List – Ever read a book and you figure out the plot twist in the first third and then spend the rest of the book waiting for the main characters to catch up? That was this one for me. Which was a little sad because I liked the characters and had a hard time waiting for the story to get to the point I had already figured out. Doesn’t mean the plot didn’t get a little bit more twisty later on. In fact, the ending got a bit too twisty; I don’t buy that a poisoner would suddenly go for a gun as a weapon of choice. Nope. A few contrived jumps in the plot, but I enjoyed it. From my mom’s collection.

Ideas For Great Kids’ Rooms – Research for my new website project. Scoping out article ideas and thoughts. This one is more around design and architecture than decorating, though. But the pictures certainly give you lots of good ideas. And make you drool a lot. This guy obviously has some clients with money.



Actually – having done this now, I realize I did do this post, or at least most of it, at my mother-in-law’s over Christmas. No idea what happened to it though. Weird.

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