In which I admit I made a huge mistake

We’re what, five days into the new year and I’m already seeing a big mistake I have made in setting goals. Argh.

Every goal and challenge I set for myself was related to personal stuff. Hobbies. The things I do for fun.

When you’re stretching yourself to read a certain list of books, every other book that comes your way brings guilt, not pleasure.

When you’re reaching for a goal of making a certain number of baby quilts, sewing starts to feel like a job.

When you’re building toward a certain number of website pages, blog traffic, online money, the creative process becomes a churn, churn, churn deal.

I spend all day on the computer working on my online business, then like I’m going to a second job if I head to the sewing room.

I revolted last night and played Indiana Jones Lego on the Wii with Kevin last night.

Gotta reassess and bring some balance back here so the fun things in my life remain fun. Always.

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