Hmmm. Would you clone your pet?

So, heard on the radio that a story was coming up about just how close pet cloning was. Which got me wondering about whether that’s a step you’d really want to take. Or should even.

I loved my dog. He was one of the greatest joys in my life and I still cry quite often even though he’s been gone almost two years. (I’m crying as I type this, actually.) But … given a choice, would I clone him? What would you call the new dog if he’s the same as the old dog? Would you feel the same way toward him? How would you react when the clone doesn’t act quite exactly like the original? Would it alleviate your grief better/more/differently than just getting a new puppy? Would it keep you from actually dealing with your grief?

Given the choice, I think I would rather science had figured out a way for Plaid to live to a ripe old age like he should have than to focus on cloning him. There will only ever be one of such a special dog.

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