Blind people on twitter?

Buy at Art.comI’m beginning to think there are a lot of blind people* on twitter.

How else to explain the backgrounds that run horizontally behind the tweets where they can’t be seen? How else to explain – no lie – the guy with the white text on a white background? How else to explain the tiling images that I think were dachshunds based on the legs and butts occasionally visible down the sides of the page?

They obviously can’t see what’s on the screen.

Do people not actually look at their pages after they edit them? Or do they think it looks right? Or do they just have no sense of … well, anything?

I’m blaming MySpace. Bad design run amuck is creeping into other parts of the internet now. Open your eyes!!! Design is such a crucial part of communication. What are you telling me when your background image isn’t visible or I can’t read the tweets? I’m assuming it’s that you’re an idiot or sloppy or don’t care.


(*This post is not meant in anyway to be disparaging of people with disabilities. Really, people!! However, I might be comparing bad twitter users to chimps.)

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