Playing it safe is actually riskier

Buy at Art.comOK, so I was talking about making the “scarier” choice yesterday – the idea of actually becoming an entrepreneur.

And yes that’s scary. There’s no security, no benefits, no salary. There might be employees depending on me. There could be a lot of money at stake. There is the risk of looking stupid.

And yet, being an employee could actually be the riskier choice.

How? There’s no security in taking a job. There’s the risk of getting a bad boss or working for a bad company. Or worse, working for a great boss at a bad company and having your boss leave after a year. (Happened at my last two jobs, leaving me with no defenses and utterly miserable.) There’s the risk of falling back into old patterns.

I never found true happiness in being an employee. And I know that’s in large part due to never finding the right situation. But considering the odds of that … .

So please understand that when I say I might be ready to jump off this cliff (how many metaphors can I use!), I’m saying that I understand that jumping can actually be safer (and more fun!) than standing at the top forever.

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