Stop me before I hurt myself

Buy at Art.comI’m at it again.

I’ve made several mental commitments to myself for May, plus some very public ones (like the Carnival!), and now I’m overwhelmed just thinking about what the next month holds.

They’re all good goals. They’re all important – stuff around finishing projects, making money, delivering value, meeting commitments.

But it’s too much. There is no way I can do it all to my usual standard and still have time for hubby and fun things.

I’m learning that this is one of my symptoms, one of the ways I sabotage myself. After all, if I have too much on my plate, of course I didn’t get that done. I couldn’t finish that over there because I had this new great idea over here that I needed to start.

So I’m trying to stop myself right now and back up a little. Pick the three most important projects for the month, the ones that will get me closer to my goals and just focus on getting those done to the best of my ability given the time I have. That’s fair, right? I’d rather have just three things done and done well than to end May with 20 more half finished or abandoned projects.

Which means … something has to give. I have to drop some balls in order to keep the right ones up in the air. Sorry in advance if you’re one of those balls.

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