Photo vs. Avatar – the battle continues

Buy at Art.comI get a bit of grief occasionally from people (including Seth) because I don’t use a “real” picture in online profiles. Apparently being a cute cartoon isn’t good enough for some people. (Who’ve never met me. Maybe I am just a cute cartoon?)

And I’m not the only one who gets grief. I’ve read posts recently over on the Warrior forum and a blog post from another guy dissing those of us who choose something other than a photo for profile pics.

The guy on the Warrior forum was ranting about how he couldn’t take someone seriously if they had a cartoon photo. This guy had a shot of himself in what looked like a pit-stained grey t-shirt. Hmm. Was I taking him seriously? Nope.

The blog post guy was going on about how he wouldn’t know who you were if trying to connect at a conference. Of course, his profile picture was a shot of himself that only showed him from the eyes up. I could pick him out of a crowd. Right?

Lots of glass-house owners throwing rocks out there these days whether it’s about twitter or profile pictures or blogging. I stand by my philosophy of everyone’s right as long as they actually have a strategy for what they do rather than just being a sheep. Baaa.

Me? I just like the cartoon. It’s a logo for my personal “brand” in a way that a photo can’t be. Get over it.

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