Should I be more promiscuous?

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My online worlds used to reside so neatly in their boxes. But with joining Seth’s program and my public launching of my boss hiring project, suddenly things are spilling out all over.

The tight boundaries and rules I had about how I connected online now make me feel as though I’m being rigid, uptight, pedantic. And people don’t like those kind of people. I’m working hard to not be that kind of person. But is mimicking the promiscuous connecting style of others the right way to conduct my connecting?

Now, my general rule of thumb has been that I had to actually know you in a professional capacity before connecting at LinkedIn. And I have to know you at least in the online sense before I’ll accept a Facebook friend request. (Which is why there has to be a note!) And I’ll talk to anyone on Twitter, but I only follow people (and companies) who are saying something I want to read. Which changes frequently depending on my mood.

So I’m left feeling horrible now because prefectly nice people whom I’ve never met are sending me LinkedIn requests. And I’m getting Facebook requests with notes from strangers. And I have no idea what to think about the more than 600 followers I have now on Twitter. (Who are all waiting to hear about … what?)

Am I living in an antiquated world where I want to keep real life just a little separated from online life? Am I being highly rude by not being promiscuous?

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