Work or do nothing

Buy at Art.comEven us kick butt get things done types struggle with productivity. I’m easily distracted, sometimes by things that are fun, sometimes by things that are easy, sometimes by things that are tangible.

So I’ve been working to implement something Seth taught me – work or do nothing. During the time he has set aside for working, he has a short list of work tasks and he either does those or he does nothing. And doing nothing isn’t sustainable for him. Or me!

The challenge comes in tightly defining “work”. Reading email doesn’t count. Checking your feed reader doesn’t either. Or cleaning out your desk. (Or writing this blog post, in my case. I’m supposed to be constructing puzzles for Twitty Questions or drafting a project proposal. Boo.)

The idea is that it is so easy to get distracted by things that keep us busy, but don’t make us productive. So what are you busy with today? And is it what you should be doing?

Me either. Back to work.

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