Jury duty – just mark me as “unwanted”

Kevin had jury duty last month in the federal district court, and almost as soon as he was done, I got a notice in the mail to report in January for the state/county courts. And one the following week to report in February for the city courts.


Now, I’m all for juries, happy to serve on one, not happy about having my day wasted with the process that always ends up in me being politely sent home.

See, no one wants me to sit on their jury.

If it’s not because I’m against gun control, it’d be because I’m for capital punishment. If it’s not because I think drug laws are a joke, it’ll be for my opinions on personal responsibility. Oh, and to top it all off, that one concept that pisses off prosecutors and judges alike – jury nullification.

They ought to just put a big black mark by my name to point out that it’s a total waste of time to even call me to serve. I’m exactly the kind of person you’d want to have on your jury, but no lawyer will ever put me on one. Screwed up much?

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