Goals update and thinking ahead

Huh. Good thing I didn’t make posting on this blog a goal for the year. Sheesh. (I did set a schedule for myself over on my niche blog, but it’s a different ballgame when it’s work stuff. Just as bad a game, but different.)

So let’s see how I did with some of my goals for 2012.

  • Knitting. Um, kind of went crazy with this one. Not only have I made several useful things, I have almost read nothing but knitting books this year. OK, not really, but I’m pretty sure I’ve downed almost 100 of them. Truly enjoying this particular new hobby!
  • New each quarter – Good in theory, but not so much in practice. Maybe it’s the topics I chose. Maybe it was too much like school to try to learn on a schedule. Or maybe I was spending too much time reading knitting books to get around to anything else? 🙂
  • Figure 8. Still suck. Can’t even do it on a regular bike. Admittedly haven’t gotten out to practice much with many excuses along the way. Got a new bike, had to wait for bars, etc., etc., etc. Fortunately, this is a great skill to have, but not utterly necessary in order to ride.
  • CHL – Ran out of time somewhere in September to get this done. Classes are only on certain Saturdays and between rehearsals and travel, it just didn’t happen. So scheduled to take the class and test in a couple of weeks. Can I count it if I got it scheduled in 2012?
  • Art on my car – Finally picked a color and design and then it was too hot to put them on the car. So just got these up in early November and I love them! No missing me now!
  • Paint my bike – Well, got a new one, which I wasn’t planning on at the beginning of the year when I made my goals. But I still do plan to paint it this next year to match the cases I painted too. Or maybe have the cases repainted to match the bike since I didn’t do the most professional job. And of course, I went down on my bike in the first month or so after I got it (hit a gravel patch and lost control) so there’s a definite need to get it painted now, not just a desire. (I really ought to be taking the parts off right now to take to get painted since it’s too cold to ride. Hmmm.)

As for 2013 – well, obviously actually taking the CHL class and getting my bike painted are on that list. I also have some skill sets with knitting and sewing I intend to tackle. But I really haven’t given a lot of thought to it at this point. (Not good, right?) The only big one I can think of is to figure out a topic for an ebook that I actually write and market and actually turn into a steady money-making stream. I want an income stream that is a lot more passive than some of my current ones, as well as something I totally control.

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