Pursuit of Happiness

The passionate pursuit of creative beauty, great stories and bugs in my teeth.

Bookpile: January 2012

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Did you know this was a book? I didn’t until a few years ago when I saw it on my best friend’s shelf. It’s an entire series, actually. Frank Baum made a lot of…
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Fit to be knit(ting)

And I’m not apparently. If anything, my adventures in knitting so far have taught me I don’t know how to count nor connect the dots as to what I do wrong when I make an obvious mistake. My little practice…
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That’s just motorcycle drool

Oh my. I would never have thought I would say this but I have my eye on a Harley. A Fat Boy Lo to be specific. Test rode one the other day and I just really liked how it felt….
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Bookpile: December 2011

Dah dum!!! I actually read all the books I had picked off the list. Yea me! Took some scrambling at the end trying to find a few, but I got them all and got them read. So ready to go…
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Bookpile: November 2011

On the whole, a good month of reading. Again, only books from the challenge list as I try to wrap that up, but I liked them more than I didn’t, so whee. Big improvement. * Nights at the Circus –…
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