Pursuit of Happiness

The passionate pursuit of creative beauty, great stories and bugs in my teeth.

Bookpile: June 2012

Stagecraft Fundamentals: A Guide and Reference for Theatrical Production – It’s a textbook, it seems. But one of the most untextbookily written textbooks I’ve ever read. Is it the topic area? As in, you get a lot more creative types…
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Bookpile: May 2012

Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, Book 1) – We’re fans of the cop drama Castle thanks to my sister. It’s a buddy cop story with a twist in that she’s a detective and he’s actually a mystery/thriller writer shadowing her. The whole…
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Catching up on knitting projects

It would seem my blogging can’t keep up with my knitting. And I’m a really slow knitter (it feels like) so that’s not saying much for my blogging, now is it? In fact, since I took these pictures, I’ve gotten…
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