Is it a quilt or a rag? Seriously in need of rescue!

Death makes you very sentimental. It took me almost two years to clean out Plaid’s crate and put it in the attic. And I cried the entire time because it still smelled like him. Which made me miss him so much along with the pain of knowing I was washing him away. The same goes for stuff with my mom, this fish quilt being a great case in point.

It’s not a great quilt, but my mom made it for my brother. It’s been well-loved over the years. I mean well loved. By four kids, two adults and a dog. So it’s in pretty sad shape. I volunteered to put a new binding on it in hopes of keeping it around longer, but then I got it home and saw all the things I hadn’t noticed before.

Yeah. The fabric is frayed on the edges where it’s come apart. The fabric has holes in it in some stress points and some holes that go all the way through. I’ve never dealt with anything like this before and have been completely stymied by where to start and what to do. Putting it out here to make myself be accountable to actually get it done. The new binding is cut and ready to go, but what to do about the holes? How to fix things in a way that is cohesive with the original piece? I’d really like to leave as much original as possible, because I so envision taking this apart and making five pillows out of it for everyone to have later in life.

Wish me luck!

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