Small Change

How’s the schedule doing?

Ok, so I tend to jump on an idea and not think it through completely. Is that better or worse than taking too much time to think? Huh. Anyway … Things are going fine so far, although I did quickly…
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Dealing with blog overload

As I sit here, I have tabs open to edit posts for seven different blogs. Seven. Oh, and I have a few more that I’m just not trying to guilt myself into working on at the moment. At least three…
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Ooh – shiny! Avoiding the distraction of new

Oh, like I’m really one to talk about this subject. I have yet to actually learn how to avoid the “ooh – shiny” syndrome. New projects, topics, issues all spark that engine that runs my hamster wheel. And we’re off…
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Small changes reap the biggest rewards

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
– Leo Tolstoy Change. I think about it a lot. I griped about it related to our local TED event last year. I struggle with it daily….
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Set yourself up for small successes

I sew. You might have figured that out by now. And usually I sew quilts. It’s very straightforward, somewhat geometric, somewhat simple sewing. I used to make clothes. Or try to anyway. Not that my sewing wasn’t up to snuff,…
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