How’s the schedule doing?

Ok, so I tend to jump on an idea and not think it through completely. Is that better or worse than taking too much time to think? Huh. Anyway …

Things are going fine so far, although I did quickly realize that scheduling has to be more flexible than I originally thought. Which is where I should have thought more about what I wanted to really accomplish here. It’s not to make my life inflexible. It’s not to confine me. It’s to focus me.

So, my minor shifts in thinking (not necessarily in my schedule) are that certain things are on the schedule to make them must dos (exercise, writing, 48 days) while others are on there to ensure they aren’t over dos (Squidoo, quilting). And I set a specific amount of time to spend with each rather than a set time of day to do them, which does give me some flexibility. I can spend more than the allotted time on Squidoo or quilting but only if I’ve done the must dos.

Which means, I’ve actually exercised every day this week, kept up with my 48 days homework and done quite a bit of writing (although none on the book – argh). Which means success in my book so far. Traveling is throwing some kinks in at the moment although I’m still getting it done, but Thanksgiving looms. We’ll see how it sticks through the end of the month.

Photo Credit: Lindsay_Silveira on flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0 license.

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