Turning purple. Some of it on purpose …

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and finally took the plunge. I now have purple hair!

It was actually more purple a week or so ago. I’ve washed it a few times and the purple has pretty much washed out of my normal brown. But the parts we bleached first are clinging nicely to the purple color. I’m planning to touch it up a bit this weekend, so the brown will go back to a dark burgundy-ish shade. (Actually, I look good with the darker hair color.)

The bleaching part was what made me nervous about doing this. I just envisioned serious damage going on and having to grown out hair. Which is why not doing it myself was probably the right way to go. I’ve got chunks all around my head and a few strands right around my face bleached so they just kind of poke out here and there to show off the color. Very subtle. Kind of. Ha.

Already bought some blue to try and some green for the holidays. (Can’t be on stage with purple hair, ya know.)

Ok, this isn’t purple anymore. It’s actually green and yellow at the moment, which should mean things are healing.

Not sure how well you can see it since the scratches are the only part that really stands out. I have a section of my leg bigger than my hand that is swollen and tender and bruised. And I’m officially not allowed to try to walk in the dark anymore because this is the second semi-serious injury I’ve done to myself in the past few weeks. Walked right into Plaid’s crate that’s supposed to be heading up into the attic.

Good thing I do color well. Sigh.

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