Poseidon’s Gold

Date finished: 8-27-08
Author: Lindsey Davis
Category: Historical mystery
Published: 1992
Pages: 336
Rating: 4/5

Basic Plot:
Falco and Helene return to Rome from Germany to find their apartment a wreck and a thug of a centerion taking up space in the Falco family home. Seems dead hero brother left some unfinished business – business that forces Falco together with his family, including his dearly departed (but not dead) father. It’s a case that poses more emotional hazards than physical, a rarity for our intrepid finder.

My assessment:
Yet another fun romp through first century Rome. We watched Falco and Helene’s relationship move, if not to a new level, certainly new depths, which Falco and his father, well, I don’t want to give that away. Falco has to deal with a lot of his preconceived notions and pride related to his family and comes out with a few healthier relationships in the end. The mystery this time – not that intriguing or mysterious actually, but an enoyable time spent anyway.

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