New Moon – The Twilight Saga Book Two

Date finished: 10-12-08
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Category: Teen fantasy
Published: 2006
Pages: 563
Rating: 4.5/5

My review of book one

Basic Plot:
After the near-fatal disasters of spring, Edward decides that being with Bella can only cause her harm in the long run. He and his family depart Forks, leaving no trace behind to remind Bella of them. She finally struggles her way out of a zombie-depression, more to please her father than anything else, thanks to the ever-loving patience of her new (old) friend Jacob. She discovers high risk situations bring Edward’s voice to life in her head and begins pushing the edges in order to keep him close. One such adventure creates confusion for the Cullen family and puts Edward at risk in the only way possible. Added to the drama are the secrets Jacob is keeping and Bella seems to be in more danger than ever!!

My assessment:
I’ve been holding off reading this one, hoping that book three would arrive from the library so I wouldn’t be left waiting too long. Gave in, so now I’ll wait. Sigh.

I think I’m starting to get into Bella’s head. The section of the book without Edward – kind of a hole for me, one I was glad to move out of toward the end. Isn’t that sad? Because Jacob is a more well-defined character in general than Edward. So why did I find the section where Bella is spending all her time with him so much less satisfying?

Ok, let’s talk about the werewolf thing. Granted, in a world where we accept there are vampires, it makes sense that there would/might be other mythical creatures. But really? Was that necessary? It’s not like Edward and Jacob were going to be best buds no matter what you did. And now we have unnecessary antagonism there that could keep Jacob away forever. Boo. (I liked him. I really did.) It just seemed a little over the top. On the other hand, the book would have had to have been a couple hundred pages shorter because Victoria would have shown up sooner.

The Volturi have my attention now. Very curious to learn more about them. And thank you for the little reminder that just because the Cullens don’t eat humans, the rest of them still do. Ugh.

Still worth reading, I think. Looking forward to the next one.

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One thought on “New Moon – The Twilight Saga Book Two”

  1. I liked Jacob until he turned into an angsty werewolf jerk. Bella’s father becomes overbearing in this book too, which doesn’t fit the image I had of him in the last book. Edward is bossy and patronizing, though I guess he’s earned the right since he’s been around for a century. Then there’s the guy who doesn’t get the message that Bella’s just not into him… I’m not sure I like this trend I’m seeing with the male characters.

    Bella lost me when she went all, “Oh, I want to be a vampire, but I’m not sure I want to marry you anytime soon, even though my life is horrible and empty and meaningless without you–and despite the fact that I have no other goals or plans for my life.”

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