Declaring Independence

Date finished: Didn’t
Author: Douglas Schoen
Category: Non-fiction, political
Published: 2008
Pages: 272

Basic Plot:
Non-fiction book about the rise of the independent voter and how it can change politics.

My assessment:
Didn’t even bother finishing this thing. I _thought_ it was going to be about the rise of a third party since the subtitle is about the demise of the two-party system. But Schoen barely even acknowledges that there are any parties outside of the Dems and Reps. The only reference to the biggest (Libertarians) was a brief mention that Ron Paul was the Libertarian candidate for president in 1988. During a discussion of campaign organizing. Schoen makes sweeping assertions and generalizations with no data or references or footnotes to back him up. All in all, a rather pathetic (and transparent) attempt at political boogeyman tactics. Which, since he’s a political consultant, was probably the point.

Don’t even want to talk about it more than this. Waste of time. Sigh.

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