Who says I have to do that?

Buy at Art.comGreat. I’m this glorious can-do, get it done, make things happen superhero now. My own fault. (Seth’s actually with complict cooperation from the rest of the SAMBA team.)

Truly, all kidding aside, it is my superpower. I do make things happen. No turn water to wine type make things happen or make cookies have no calories make things happen. But I can take things from A to B like no one’s business.

Which is creating quite the dilemma for me of late. Because my to-do list is longer than a giraffe’s tongue – filled with important but not urgent items with no particular deadlines in mind. And that leaves me with a “pffft” attitude about crossing them off.

It doesn’t count as productive to just change the deadline dates on items so they don’t look like they’re overdue. Nor does it get things done to never put a deadline date on them at all. And it’s a bad Susan who decides to just delete something rather than have to stare at it for days. Sigh.

Here’s the crux of it. Two actually. (Is that cruxes or cruxi or cruxae?) When you’re the boss of you, you have to be the boss of you. That means holding your own feet to the fire (or finding an accountability partner) to get things done in the time you’ve allotted yourself. The second is a need to develop reasonable expectations of yourself. I seem to think I not only can make things happen, but do them all in one afternoon. Silly Susan.

So I’m giving myself two distinct (but surprisingly not opposing) commands. Lighten up on the expectations, but get done what you say you’re going to do. Got it?

Side note: I just was looking at feeds and I have a couple hundred subscribers here now. Who the heck are you people? Why are you interested in my life? And why don’t I ever hear from you in the comments?

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