Quilts in the “finally” category

I’d love to use the excuse that my sewing machine was stuck in limbo land during the year of remodeling. And then I went off to NY for six months. But no. Sadly, I just took a danged long time to make these guys. The baby quilt (which is lovely but too narrow) was meant for a child who I think is now three. I wish I could remember where I got the block idea – I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it up on my own. The centers are 16 squares, then there’s two rectangles with triangles on each side to make the points. I used scraps and ran out of the right colors, so I couldn’t make more than the six blocks. It just is missing a real center focus. Probably should have thought about it more before I actually put the blocks together. Sigh.

And the Tennessee quilt? When I started it, that was the only UT fabric you could get. And it’s not cotton. And trying to match the orange proved almost impossible and I came to hate this thing before I finished it. Boo. Now there’s a whole line of great UT licensed fabrics I can use. I want a do-over!

And I shall take it. Nothing that says my brother can’t have two, right? I am proud of the back, though. That’s made to look like the UT football field. Kind of. It was a heck of a job calculating how to do that, let me tell you. (Credit for the idea goes to my dad.) Would have been nice to be all fancy and create the white lines for the field, but that was more than I wanted to deal with. Total time for this guy was probably about five years. Maybe longer. Good thing he’s not expecting it. 🙂

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