The only really cool iPhone 4 …

Finally, I am one of the cool kids. Meaning, I have a smartphone and can finally update Twitter and participate on foursquare and play games and do all the things the cool kids do these days. (Yes, I’m becoming a codger.)

But, I went the cool kids one further. And when we were at the Apple store the other day, I realized I actually had the coolest iPhone there. Sweet.

It’s all due to the awesome skin I got from called Ask. It’s one of the designer styles and includes the “ask, knock, seek” verse in the design. Tres cool. Hubby was dithering over me about putting it on because apparently the ones he did on his iPhone were truly difficult to work with. Not so mine. It just went right on and was easy to pick up and adjust to get it straight. But it’s stuck on there tight now and given that I’ve dropped the thing three times in the month I’ve had it, helping hold it all together.

The skin came with strips to go around the outer edge as well, but I choose to leave them off. Just liked the silver showing through. Still debate about the excess slipperiness of the skin vs. protection for the edges. Hmmm.

I did get my phone during the right time to get the free iPhone case. Choose one of the clear ones given the fact that I have a skin I want to see. We’ll see how that goes and if it makes the phone less slick and more bouncy. Ha!

(Save 10% at with code DECAL10! Just get something different, OK? I want to continue to be a solo cool kid.)

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