The good & bad new from M&Ms

It’s no state secret that I love chocolate and peanut butter together. There is no greater combination in the world than chocolate and peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together, right? (Danged advertising.)

And my usual favorite (when I am ignoring things like the fact that I shouldn’t eat sugar) is the peanut butter M&Ms. (Please, everyone, eat them so they don’t go away!! Public service to all, but especially me, OK?) Anywho, they’re my poison of choice usually. But they’re tinkering with them and I wanted to warn you.

There’s a strawberry/peanut butter version lurking on your shelves. You can identify it by the strangely striped bag attempting to mimic the colors of peanut butter and strawberry jelly in a weirdly washed out way.

I tried them. They were strange. They faintly tasted of strawberries (without any evidence of anything that should taste like strawberry) and barely of peanut butter. They were not a success in my book. And I’d say the company was disavowing them as well since I couldn’t find them listed on the website, but they haven’t updated their news since May, so that’s no indicator.

(Feeling good about saving you from that one. Send me the regular peanut butter ones as thanks, OK? 🙂

10% off NFL
That said, I did get an email from M&Ms highlighting some of their personalized offerings and … I’m sorry … but these are really cool. (Even if they only come in plain.) NFL M&Ms. Outside of having too many capital letters to type, I love these! The Steelers ones are the best, of course, but they all look pretty sharp. Some teams come with four colors/designs, others with three.

And 10% off now if you’re feeling pretty good about your team’s chances of making it to the Super Bowl and you’re already party planning. (We’ll see you there! Go, Steelers!!!)

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