Feeling fractured

Buy at Art.comTalk about trying to thin slice a market. And by market, I mean me.

I’m fighting against shut-down mode at the moment, that mental state that happens when you have too many competing priorities and are uncertain where to start or what to do so you just do unimportant things. Like play solitaire or try to find the end of the internet.

So what’s on my plate that has me in a brain freeze? We’re tweaking our business plans for a second presentation Tuesday, and I know I need to be thinking about stuff like what’s our story. Instead, I’m in research mode pulling facts on the competition. I’m halfway through three books that would be really good for me to finish so I can move on to the big pile. I’m behind on my daily blog posts for our internal SAMBA blog, although I have managed to write at least one thing this past week worth posting to the public blog. My hubby is still back in Dallas, and I’m concerned about whether he’s going to run out of soap and lotion. I have a Squidoo project proposal I’ve submitted but don’t have a clue how to actually do (video help anyone?), and I’m not sure how to fit it into the schedule anyway. I have tons of Squidoo lenses that could use some updating, and I am behind on promoting anything there so some new lenses aren’t getting the traffic I’m used to.

Total overload.

So I end up starting this blog post, then going to read something, then looking for a piece of info, then starting a comment to someone else’s blog, then realizing that I’ve completed exactly none of these things. Which leaves me feeling like I’m going in a circle and getting nothing done.

Total unproductivity.

Which leaves me a little depressed because I’m all about checking things off the list and getting them off my plate. The depression makes me feel even more overwhelmed and in turn makes me even less productive because it feels like nothing I do is really making headway.

Total shut down.

Fortunately, just writing, finishing and publishing this post combats this downward spiral. And I’m going to make a list of just what I want to get done today. Now that the day is half over. Sigh. Love you all for listening!!

(Like the picture? It’s a close-up of fractures in thick ice by John Dunn available at Art.com.)

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