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Keep a sharp eye out for those tricky adverbs

Literally.┬áPossibly.┬áProbably.┬áLikely. Red flags for the critical thinker as they allow a speaker/writer to make an assertion designed to elicit an unwarranted response. You don’t strike fear in a heart by saying “There’s a 10% chance that would happen” but by…
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Waiting for the magic that’s never coming

Giving out more free and vague marketing advice to people wanting to copy my hire a boss concept. The most common thing I say? I had magic (AKA Seth Godin) on my side. You can’t build a marketing plan around…
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My one problem with the NY same sex law

It’s not what you think. So both halves of my friends can just smooth those feathers back down right now, OK? My problem? It’s with the law part of it. All this celebration over the government passing yet another law…
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Ya don’t ask, ya don’t get

One office I worked in, we only had blue and black pens. Oh, how nice it would be to have colored pens to use for editing the press releases, one person mused. Another complained repeatedly about the fact that we…
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