Waiting for the magic that’s never coming

Giving out more free and vague marketing advice to people wanting to copy my hire a boss concept. The most common thing I say? I had magic (AKA Seth Godin) on my side. You can’t build a marketing plan around that. My success is deceiving. (Well, the speed of it, at least. I was going to kick butt even without the magic. 🙂

Photo Credit: pasukaru76 on flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The problem for most people who write me is that they think the internet is magic. And just doing “something” on the net will allow them to sit passively by and jobs will come along. I get to give them a quick marketing lesson and burst their bubble along the way.

But they aren’t the only ones. I see it all the time in the internet marketing circles I run in. I see it in small business owners I talk to. I see it in single friends waiting to be swept away.

We all wish magic would come along and make things happen. That the hard work, the slogging tasks, the careful thinking would just not be required. That we’d wake up one day and traffic will just be swamping our blog, that customers will be breaking down the doors, that Prince Charming will finally show up.

Ain’t going to happen.

Are you waiting for magic somewhere? Figure out how to make your own pixie dust and stop waiting. Today. Now. Immediately.


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