November experiment: Scheduling myself for strategic success

I’m relatively undisciplined. That’s not to say I don’t have a kick-butt work ethic. Just that I am by nature rather random and easily pulled off course. Not to mention extremely focused to where I lose track of time and just how could I have spent the past three hours…

Ooh – shiny! Avoiding the distraction of new

Oh, like I’m really one to talk about this subject. I have yet to actually learn how to avoid the “ooh – shiny” syndrome. New projects, topics, issues all spark that engine that runs my hamster wheel. And we’re off and running, leaving whatever I was working on behind. Now,…

Eating an elephant

I’m working on a plan for world domination right now. Someday, you will all work for me. (Muwhaha!!) But I have discovered over the years that while I have great ability to visualize where something can go, what it can be, that same visualization serves to undermine the whole project….

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