Introducing the Mysterious Benedict Society

I love books meant for the 10-to-12-year-old set. Frankly, they’re just a lot more fun than many adult books. (Much like I enjoyed doing murals for kids’ rooms better than painting adult spaces. People are more willing to take chances with stuff for kids.) So, back to books, the latest…

Counting down to July 15 for latest Joss Whedon project

Love anything Joss Whedon does, so can’t wait for this to get here. I’m sure it will be tons of fun. Singing! Evil guys! Funny (punny) jokes as only Joss can deliver! Awesome! Post from The Life of Lewister

Another place makes great use of waste

The RePlayGround is my latest favorite site. These guys are designers with an eye for garbage. Too cool! They take stuff destined for the landfill (or even for the recycling bin) and turn it into neat, useful items. The site has directions for you to make your own cool repurposed…

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