Introducing the Mysterious Benedict Society

I love books meant for the 10-to-12-year-old set. Frankly, they’re just a lot more fun than many adult books. (Much like I enjoyed doing murals for kids’ rooms better than painting adult spaces. People are more willing to take chances with stuff for kids.)

So, back to books, the latest one I loved was The Mysterious Benedict Society. In fact, I have my husband reading it now. If you keep up with my reviews over at Book Bindings, you’ll already know that I loved this one and can’t wait for the the second book. As with other kids books I loved, I did a lens on the Benedict Society. There are polls for you to choose your favorite characters, rate the book and keep up with the Curiosity Chronicle.

Book lenses can be fun, particularly if there is great art in the book that you can showcase. I have yet to tackle a more “adult” book with the SquidLit format, but I suppose I’ll get to one some day. It’s kind of tough to get passionate about many of them. (Hmm. Maybe Tom Peters’ The Circle of Innovation: You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Greatness would be a good place to start. Loved that one!!)

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